Call For Papers

This workshop is interested in all the topics concerning self-aware computing systems; however, for this year, we have IoT as a special theme.

List of Topics

  • Evaluations in self-aware systems: surveys, issues, challenges;
  • Measurements in self-aware systems: surveys, issues, challenges;
  • Quality assurance: surveys, issues, challenges;
  • Mechanisms for evaluation, measurements, and quality assurance:
    • Quality Attributes
    • Software Metrics
    • Verification & validation
    • Testing
    • Architectural and design patterns
    • Antipatterns
    • Architectural and code smells
    • Models@runtime
    • Empirical evaluation
  • Tool support for evaluation and measurements, and quality assurance;
  • Application examples and domains
    • Autonomic systems
    • Self-adaptive systems
    • Self-healing systems
    • Self-organizing systems
    • Self-protection solutions
    • Systems-of-Systems
    • Cyber-physical systems
    • Robotics
    • Autonomous driving
  • Industrial applications
  • Experience reports
  • Teaching quality assurance and evaluation and measurements


Special Issue on “Applications in Self-Aware Computing Systems and their Evaluation” in the Computers Journal ( The authors of the EMSAC 2019 accepted papers will be invited to extend their contributions for the publication in this special issue.