After a successful and well received workshop, you can find the report and some impressions here online.

The abstract for our keynote “A Requirements-Driven and Context-Aware Approach to Assurance of Autonomous Systems” is now online.

We are happy to announce that the keynote for SeAC, EMSAC and SPS will be held by Betty H.C. Cheng.

EMSAC will be a joint workshop with SeAC (Self-Aware Computing) and SPS (Self-Protecting Systems).

The program for EMSAC is now online.

Special Issue on “Applications in Self-Aware Computing Systems and their Evaluation” in the Computers Journal ( The authors of the EMSAC 2019 accepted papers will be invited to extend their contributions for the publication in this special issue.

EMSAC 2019

Software is becoming more and more complex. In addition, it is required to work uninterruptedly, also in the presence of context changes, maintenance problems, or unexpected issues (e.g., failures, malicious threads, various workloads). In order to address the above mentioned issues timely and efficiently, systems are build as autonomous and as self-aware and self-managing as possible.  

Concerning such systems, there are several open issues. One of these issues focuses on the possible evaluations and measurements related to the quality of these systems, to the quality of their design and performance, the quality of the self-* properties and autonomous features. For example, is it possible to quantify and compute the degree of autonomy or self-awareness of a system?

In this context, the Evaluations and Measurements in Self-Aware Computing Systems (EMSAC@ICAC/SASO) Workshop aims to address the issues and challenges concerning the evaluation of the quality (of the design and execution) of autonomous, self-aware and self-managing systems, as well as measurements concerning or related to the self-* or autonomous features of a system. We are also interested in approaches which manage the trade-offs among various different quality attributes and focus on the autonomy of the system. Existing quality assurance and evaluation solutions should be adapted and improved to meet the evolving and dynamic requirements of self-aware and self-managing systems. Novel design and evaluation solutions are needed to face the complexity of autonomy and self-management, as well as to evaluate and measure the self-* mechanisms and the advantages they bring, also with respect to the effort spent for their development.

Existing approaches mostly focus on the overall performance of a self-aware systems. However, since several self-aware and self-managing mechanisms are available, it is also important to evaluate each mechanism independently.   

We are interested in solutions proposed in various application domains which include cloud computing, smart systems, IoT, cyber-physical systems, systems-of-systems, robotics, autonomous driving, and social networks.  This workshop aims to discuss the principles of quality assurance and evaluation/measurement for autonomous and self-managing systems and mechanisms, the current trends, the future issues and challenges to be addressed at design and run time. The workshop invites researchers and practitioners from industry and academic environments to share their solutions, ideas, visions, and doubts in the quality assurance and evaluation in autonomic computing.

We aim to enable discussions, partnerships, and collaborations among the software engineers interested in these themes.

Important Dates

Paper submission deadline: Extended: March 22, 2019 March 8, 2019
Talk submission deadline: Extended: March 22, 2019 March 8, 2019
Author Notification (paper): April 11, 2019
Final Manuscript: April 19, 2019
Workshop Day: June 16 or 20, 2019